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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Brown Brush Blue Brush 099

It was clear to me that the object to draw today was the paint brush. Two brushes. It was clear because I spent the afternoon at a Spiritual Art Workshop creating a painting and learning about symbols in art. The energy of the group was perfect and for me it was a spiritual experience.
We were guided through a process by the artist Victoria Martin who has developed a process for participants to choose symbols, colors, and images and then develop a painting that can be read much like the Tarot or I Ching, and interpreted.
We enjoyed each other's company and at the same time allowed ourselves to be absorbed into the process. Two hours passed so quickly and I felt like we could have stayed there all day. Each person's painting and reading were so unique and particular to their personality and situation. There was also a connection to the universality of life and that we are all one.
It was a completely enjoyable afternoon that I won't soon forget. So I made a drawing of two brushes today, day 99 of 100, to mark this incredible experience.

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