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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

004 in progress

I have these old photos of my dad as a young man that I am drawing as a group. Instead of drawing the photographic image to leave the viewer wondering if it was drawn from a photograph or from the actual subject, I want to make it clear that these were drawn from the photograph, that they are drawings of photographs, not the subject.
But at the same time the subject is fully present.
What is also really interesting to me is that these photographs hint at a side of my dad that I never really saw. I knew him as a traditional, conservative man who was a football player, tough business man, and a cigar smoking golfer. Some of it is just the era the photos were captured and the changes of time but the car that he is proudly standing next to, the 'bathing beauty' pose, the bowtie with the polka dot umbrella conjure a softer image than I am used to associating with my dad.
If nothing else I found a bit of humor in them.
I measured my walking route in my neighborhood that I have been walking almost daily. I took the car out and drove the loop including the park at the edge of the neighborhood and it measures 2.5 miles exactly. I think I walk it in about 40 minutes.
Yesterday I had the added benefit of walking across campus from a faculty meeting where one of my colleagues gave me a box of books. It wasn't heavy at the start so I turned down the offer for a ride (across campus, are you kidding?) and by the time I got back to my office it was a good workout.

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