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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Walking and Drawing - but not at the same time.

My original 100 day project was dedicated to Ed Liska who died one year ago at age 93. Yesterday his lovely wife Claire died and I would like to dedicate this next 100 day project to her memory. To live life so well, for so long, loved by family and friends, surrounded by such lovely people, and giving so generously is truely an inspiration. I am fortunate to have known her.

Today is day 1. January 19, 2011. Day 100 will be April 28, 2011. And I am inspired by my friend Nona who did 100 days of walking, so that is what I plan to do. But blog posts of a walk might not very interesting so I will also do 100 days of drawing.

In April I will be enjoying a residency at the Ragdale Foundation for two full weeks. My proposal for the artwork I will do while in residence is a large scale piece, a scroll that is rolled up while it is being created to hide the worked areas. Only minimal marks will be exposed to connect to the next section. While that piece will be large in scale, for this 100 day project I will do a smaller scale version to begin working with the hidden scroll method.

So, Walking And Drawing (but not at the same time). Photos from the walks and of the scroll will be posted periodically, if not daily.

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Margie Glass-Sula said...

Can't wait to see the both of these projects...