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Sunday, January 10, 2010

100 drawings 100 days : the plan

I have been creating graphite drawings on cardboard and adding collage elements (small found objects, and paper of every kind).

I will create one graphite drawing per day for 100 days. Additional elements will be added later, but one drawing will be done each day.

The drawings will be photographed and posted on this blog. The finished collaged pieces will be photographed and added to the blog later, but one drawing will be posted each day.

The finished pieces will be 11x11 inches.

Day ONE is today, January 10, 2010 and day ONE HUNDRED will be Monday April 19, 2010.

I will take supplies with me when traveling and make every attempt to post to the blog while on the road.

Tea Cup Blue is an example on my website of work of this kind.

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