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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Spiral 008

The form of this object appealed to me. I've had it in my box of items for a while and keep looking at it, wondering how it might figure into my work. I wasn't sure I was up for trying to capture the complex shape and shadow, but I'm glad I tried. Some of the lines are a little wobbly, and over all I like the results.

I pick up unusual items at thrift stores if the shape, color, or patina appeal to me. I really like it when I'm not quite sure what the object is. This is probably a whisk although I haven't seen any like it in common use. It must be a bad functional design, however the visual design is great. So, here it is.


Peter said...

We love these whisks (which we call springy things)! They're perfect for making a white sauce without lumps. Gourmet's recipe for a white sauce calls for straining the sauce, but with one of these, there's no need.

SirEdofK said...

What a difficult object to draw. That is impressive. Just getting all the curves to come out evenly and properly spaced against each other must have been difficult. The eraser would have been a constant necessity for me. Nice sketch!

SirEdofK said...

OK, I know you said you were drawing on cardboard, and I think you said you were using graphite pencils or drawing sticks, but are you using a white charcoal pencil for the highlighting? The contrasts are very vibrant for a "black and white" sketch.
I am intrigued. The use of white is similar to a fantasy artist I am huge fan of that has an, I think, incredible eye for light that showed extensively in his earlier works. Let me know. Thanks Jeff.

artist jeff said...

I'm using white acrylic to pop in the highlights.

It was a difficult object. I thought about how I teach drawing to students. The fact that we have two eyes makes it a more difficult process to record what we see on a 2-d surface. A camera, with its one lense has less trouble. Close one eye then the other and the image jumps back and forth.

The closer the object is to the surface and the shadow it is casting, the sharper the edge of the shadow...

And thanks Peter for the post - you over came Ann's fear of blog posting! Now I want to try to make a white sauce with this whisk - what's your recipe?

Ann said...

Well, now that I've overcome my fear of blogs...White Sauce from Fannie Farmer and a use for your springy/bouncy whisk:
Melt in a small heavy pan 2 TBSP butter. Stir in 2 TBSP flour. Blend well over low heat. Stir in slowly 1 c milk or part milk and part cream. Stirring constantly, bring slowly to the boiling point and cook 2 minutes. Season to taste with Salt and Pepper. Makes 1 cup.
I add grated cheese and make macaroni and cheese. Peter uses it when he makes souffles.
Good luck!
I love the drawings and wish I were going to Intelligentsia too.

artist jeff said...

Yeah Ann!
I wish you were at Intelligentsia too.