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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wilde, 004

A great day in Chicago today: steering committee meeting with Chicago Artists' Coalition, Creativity Coaching Client meeting, dismantled the show at Coalition Gallery, had a great dinner at Wilde restaurant.

My drawing was done at the restaurant as we sat on low, loungey leather chairs in front of a fireplace, surrounded by book shelves. A modern portrait of Oscar Wilde hangs above the mantle and quotes by the author appear on the walls. A cozy, warm, atmosphere as a remedy for the Chicago winter. The sweet potato french fries with a goat cheese dipping sauce were my favorite thing. In fact, one fry was added to my plate as I was drawing and I automatically ate it instead of including it in the scene.


artist jeff said...

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SirEdofK said...

OK, completely off subject, since he is one of my favorite playrights, where is Wilde restaurant? I think I need to go there. Like the drawing too.

artist jeff said...

Lakeview neighborhood - Broadway, south of Belmont, West side of the street.