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Friday, January 15, 2010

Insignia 006

I actually found an extra hour or so this morning and was able to sit down and do this drawing. My day was filling up fast so I'm glad I was able to devote some time to drawing.

Anything that we engage with becomes engaging. This is what I am learning from great teachers. Attention to an object, a person, a topic, or making a piece of artwork can result in delight. Flow is when the mind is fully engaged in something and skills are well matched to the task at hand - time and cares melt away as we become absorbed in what we are doing. There is a feeling of pleasure, satisfaction, and accomplishment that usually results. I want more of that!


SirEdofK said...

Hi Jeff, I love the contrasts on this. Nicely done I think. What were you thinking about the placing of the drawing on the paper, why in the corner?
Psychologically it is interesting.

artist jeff said...

That's it!! Psychologically and artistically interesting. And I intend to use these drawings in more developed mixed media collage pieces, much like the ones that were framed in my gallery show. So I left room at the top because other elements can go there.