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Monday, January 11, 2010

Walnut Shells and Cork (002)

In my mixed media collage work, I respond to images that are associated with personal memories and associations, realizing that viewers will as well. What I think about when I look at these images is different from what the viewer might. Although I do attempt to guide the viewer in a certain direction or to consider a subject, I happily surrender to the lack of control over determining one singular outcome. When people ask me what one of my pieces means I will often reply playfully "What do you think it means?" It is this exchange that is of interest to me. (so please feel free to comment on these posts with your own associations - I would love to hear it).

I have these walnut shells on my work table and I have often enjoyed the heart shapes deliniated by the void left by the nut meats. Compositions are generally more interesting with 3 objects. I wanted something else that was about the same size. The cork came to mind quickly because Ed Liska made trivets out of wine corks so it seemed fitting to put one in this drawing.


SirEdofK said...

Not sure what it means to me yet, but I have to say, the use of the white highlight on the light side of the shells and cork is very interesting. Draws your eye I think. I like the detail on the cork too. Very nice.
Reminds me of my grandpas bar in his basement. He always had a bowl of walnuts because he loved them, and he made his own wine. I have fond memories of there. Similar perhaps to your memories of your friend Ed. Perhaps it shows the smallness of the world or our own similarity of experience by simple association.

artist jeff said...

Thanks Ed, I'm enjoying the technique - using a middle tone paper (in this case cardboard) and then adding dark and light tones.

Memories, associations, connections, and thoughts...a lot of material to work with in artwork, and that's GOOD.