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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Orange Tea Pot (011)

My recent exhibit of my work was titled OBJECTS OF AFFECTION, a title chosen by our gallery curator Susan Aurinko to organize my work with two other artists who also work figuratively. I have always used objects symbolically in my work to create curiosity in the viewer and to guide a possible narrative, however this exhibit caused me to consider our relationships to objects again and in different ways.

I associate this small, metal, orange enameled tea pot with my 2007 trip to Amsterdam and Barcelona. I picked it up for less than .50 Euro on Queen's Day in Amsterdam when the streets turn into one big flea market and people come in from the country side to lay a blanket on the sidewalk and put out there wares. I love the shape. The color is really wonderful. I love the worn spots on the handle and lid from this object being used repeatedly. For me this tea pot and the trip represent abundance. They are symbols that asking for what we want and then saying yes when it comes along brings magic into our lives. Moving forward confidently, well prepared, with joy and wonderment toward what we want will make it so.

I haven't used it to make tea. I think it is holding a lot for me already.

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