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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Wrench 033

I did this drawing while I was sitting my gallery hours at the Coalition Gallery today. I borrowed the wrench from the gallery tool box.
I'm reading an awesome book "Callings - Finding and Following an Authentic Life" by Gregg Levoy. The part I read today was talking about the importance of mythology, and even thinking of our lives in terms of myth - the big picture, how our struggles are like the universal struggles of mythology, our triumphs much like the triumphs of mythology, and the cast of characters in our lives much like those that appear in the myths.
It reminds me of other great teachings and techniques that frame our lives and experiences in a way that gives us perspective and purpose.
And in terms of callings, I couldn't help but think of this project as a mini calling within the larger calling to be an artist and find an authentic life. This ritual of drawing something every day and fueling the creative process is in a small way connecting to and documenting something more.


SirEdofK said...

what a great drawing. I use tools so often and I usually find myself thinking about the form and function and how they typically blend so harmoniously in a good tool. The historian in me starts thinking about how they were developed and have evolved. Really cool. Hmmm, ok, now how to apply this to everything else going on in my life...

artist jeff said...

I love tools - old ones are even more interesting, particularly if they have a bit of wear and a patina of age and use.