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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Queen, Bishop, Knight, Rook, and some pawns 039

This really cool chess set has wood pieces that are fitted into chrome bases that are rounded. Each square of the board it concave to let the piece settle into it. When I moved the board to get it in the right position for drawing it, all the pieces rocked around, wobbled like weebles, but they didn't fall down.
The added challenge was that I was in the lobby of the Blackstone Hotel and apparently they do a styling change in the evening and switch to low light, or no light as it felt at the moment the lights went down. They set out candles all through the lobby, but I was finding it a real challenge to even see my sketch.
I was there to install an art show in the Art Hall at the Blackstone. It is an artist from NYC called Kaves, and it is part of a special event tomorrow night - Outlaw.
The work looks great in the space and it should be a terrific event.

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