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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Sprouting Bulb 026

Sprouting blub of garlic, that is. In keeping with the Costco surplus theme, the bag of garlic has been around long enough that it is sprouting. And just like other bulbs, it represents spring, life, new beginnings and persistance.
An artist friend Stephanie Dean is a fine art photographer who explores, among other things, Modern Groceries. Our cultural relationship with food in an age of modern agriculture has been detached, distant, and dysfunctional as we accept marketing gimmicks that push processed foods, hide toxic practices from view, and waste fuel and energy moving product all over the world.
More about Stephanie Dean here.
Where has this garlic been? Where did it come from? According to the package, Christopher Ranch in California, the garlic capitol of the WORLD -
Michael Pollan's book The Botany of Desire talks about how plants have manipulated us into cultivating them, increasing their numbers, and insuring their survival on the planet. This head of garlic and its brethren, although being consumed, are being cultivated, cared for, and catapulted into a secure footing on this planet because of our desire for them.


Margie Glass-Sula said...

This is one of my favorites so far of the series.
Not only the image, but how you address the issues of being duped by culture, yet seduced by the flora. Literally food for thought...

artist jeff said...

thanks Margie, it was fun to do, and the format is what it looks like - a narrow strip of cardboard and the sprout fit.