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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Toothpick Holder 040

I've been using acrylic white paint to pull out high lights in my drawings and I've noticed that I'm using more and more paint with more and more variations of tone by adding more water or wiping off.
It leads me to realize that I'm interested in painting more and I haven't been, so it will be coming soon.
This, I believe is part of the salt and pepper shaker set I drew a few drawings ago - small and also made of aluminum or pewter, and also given to me by my mom, passed down from family members.
The bottom is weighted so that it is less likely to be tipped over (like somebody's coffee cup).


sagergal said...

Jeffrey, Jeffrey, Jeffrey....whatever am I going to do with you.

Your comments on the tooth pick holder made my day.

This too, would have belonged to Aunt Minnie. She would be your great, great aunt.

I have been enjoying your drawings and will be sure to pass this one along to other family members.

artist jeff said...

Hello Auntie,
I'm so happy that you were amused, and I'm always glad to know that people are looking at the drawings. Although I do them for myself, and for the sake of doing them because it is such a pleasure and a reward, but a big part of the process is the sharing of the work and the dialog of art with the world. Thanks for being part of my world.