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Monday, February 1, 2010

Salt and Pepper 023

This little salt and pepper set is something my mom gave me that belonged to a family member - Aunt Minnie, Grandma Sager? Help me out Aunt Nancy!
They are metal, I guess aluminum or pewter. A personal size, only 2 inches high.
I have them on a small display shelf in the kitchen near some paintings that my grandmother made. I get a sense of nostalgia from them that is comforting. Even though my memory of who they belonged to, and my memory of those now deceased relatives is foggy at best, I still like the idea that objects carry a meaning with them that can effect us.


SirEdofK said...

Once again, and like another poster (Ann) said, your ability to draw glass and the effects of light on it is really amazing.
On another note, I have so much stuff that has sentimental meaning to it I have a true understanding of what you are talking about when you see things that remind you of people. One of the nice things about life and the way many of us are, I think.

sagergal said...

These belonged to Aunt Minnie (Born 1873 - Died 1968). Her full name was Minnie Mae Coates.

I'm glad, and I am sure it would please Aunt Minnie, that these little items have found a place in your home to still be enjoyed.

artist jeff said...

Thank you Auntie, I could have just asked mom about them, but it was more fun to have an official post from you.