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Friday, February 5, 2010

Creamers 027

My mom gave me the larger one, but the two smaller personal size cream pitchers came from Amsterdam. The ZB or BZ logo is for one of the train lines there I think. Mari, Peter? Can you tell me. I looked on line and didn't see anything obvious.
It was the Queen's Day city-wide flea market in 2007 and toward the latter part of the afternoon, everyone wants to go and put their orange clothes on and drink beer, so they abandon the leftover things that didn't sell right there on the street. There are piles of perfectly good stuff everywhere and then the garbage trucks come around and gather it all up. We were finding really cool stuff and it wasn't really like dumpster diving, although I'm not above that either. I had to limit myself to small items that would travel well. Thus, the cute little creamers.
I would love to go back for Queen's Day again.

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SirEdofK said...

The reflections of the creamers in each other is nicely done. A difficult perspective to convey I am sure. I like this one and it sounds like another wonderful story and memory to go with it.