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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Day 25

Here we are on day number 25. One fourth of the way to the 100 day mark. So far so good. Well, actually, so far real good in terms of creative energy.


As I've mentioned previously, the drawings created in this project are going to be used in another way, combined with other materials, into collage pieces.


I wanted the size to be uniform to allow for a connection between the pieces in the series so I am using old LP record album covers as the starting point. It is often good to have a starting point and something to react to, adjust, alter, and rearrange. Portions of the original cover design are allowed to remain while other parts are covered up. The new design is inteded to use the drawing as one element in the composition and to bring about a gestalt where the harmony of all the parts working together is greater than any one part would be on it's own.


I am posting images of the collage pieces on a new blog called Twelve by Twelve by One Hundred click here or type in the url


As I began to imagine what it was going to be like to have 100 of the drawings, and then make them into collage pieces I began to realize that there would be, potentially 100 of the collages as well. This idea is very exciting. And it is also very exciting to imagine where, when, and how I can display them as a group.


So check out the collage work and as always, post comments and feedback - I'd love to hear it.


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