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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Oil Can 032

I kept waiting to see if the school where I teach on Wednesdays was going to close today due to the big snow storm. They didn't so I went in expecting most students to stay home. I guess the roads weren't too bad except for those who live in the more rural areas.
I had a small group and ended up having some great conversations about the creative process, brainstorming project ideas, and then just hanging out for a while.
In the painting studio down the hall there are a number of still life objects for students to use as subject matter, so I browsed through it and found this oil can. It has a really nice copper color. I loved the raised letter logo "EAGLE" on it.
More students brought in cardboard for me, that I was very excited about and a pencil wasn't hard to find. I managed to find a small paint brush and some white paint, so I was all set to make my drawing for the day.
I like remembering the sound these cans make when they are being used. The ping that the metal makes as it flexes and gives, clicks and clacks. Not that I have used these that many times in my life, but there is still a strong association. I think they were pretty common in cartoons, and maybe the Tin Man from The Wizard of Oz used one too.

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