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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Limes 025

As Costco shoppers we often have large amounts of certain things and at the moment we have a surplus of limes.
Maybe I instinctually chose limes as the subject of today's drawing because they represent the celebratory beverages that limes go in, because today is day 25 - one fourth of the way to the goal and cause for celebration.
Maybe it is because I also found out today that my work will be shown later this year at a prestigious location (more details soon) - a cause for celebration.
Also today, I had the images shot of a favorite piece, Ask, Tell, Broken so that Giclee prints can be made of it. Since it was recently purchased and will be going to a private collection, and since it has always been a favorite piece every time I show it, having prints made of it made sense.
I have a lot to celebrate in my life and most of all are the great people who are making it all such a fantastic ride - you know who you are, and I love you!
Slice up some limes!


SirEdofK said...

Celebrate on! I really like this drawing for some reason. Perhaps it is your explanation of it. A nice piece.

artist jeff said...

thanks Ed. The aroma of the cut lime was really beautiful and inspired me to stay with it longer.