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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Pods 028

I can't remember what type of tree produces this type of seed pod. I love the form and don't feel like I really captured it quite right. Perhaps I'll try them again another day; I had spent so much time on this drawing I decided to go ahead and use it for my daily post.
I spent more of my studio time today on the collages and as they dry I'll be posting them on 12x12x100
I was listening to a really great radio program while I was working (This American Life) and the story was about the objects left behind in an abandoned house, the discovery and associations others made in trying to solve the mystery of what had happened to the original owners, and when some salvaged letters and memorabilia were given to long lost relatives years later the emotional weight that those objects carried.
It reminded me of my own childhood and how all the kids of the neighborhood explored the woods near our house. Our imaginations developed stories and legends about the old abandoned car, the mill house barn by the river, and the rock cliffs.


Kara said...

Hi Jeff! I think they are sweet gum, unless they are a nut and are chestnuts. Is that right?
I love your project!


artist jeff said...

thanks Kara, that's it - Sweet Gum Tree...they are really cool shapes. I've got to try again and make a better drawing of one. They are complex though.

Thanks for posting and viewing the project.

SirEdofK said...

This is a great drawing I think. I can't imagine the complexity of getting these right. Very nice Jeff.